Intersnout rules

Rules of the Intersnout server

1. No griefing.

2. Do not claim other people’s structures within your own residence (mining tunnels and random torches can be ignored).

3. Secure your stuff using Lockette and Residence if you don’t want it stolen. The exception is that players may not steal from armour stands, item frames or via hoppers.

4. Unrestricted PVP is allowed only west of x -12000. Elsewhere, PVP is only allowed if mutually agreed on by the duelers.

5. TP traps are not allowed, your /res tp spawn-in point cannot be designed to kill players.

6. Build at least 200 blocks from other builds (ask the neighbours if you want to build closer) check the map for residence and builds in the area. (for builds built before nov 2016 the old rules suffice)

7. Mods and textures which give you an unfair advantage (flying, ore detection, defeating AFK timers, etc) are prohibited.

8. Respect the administrators, listen to their advice, adapt to the gameplay and resolve issues as adults directly with whom it concerns

* Griefing includes breaking blocks on someone’s property, or adding blocks (including doors, furnaces, lava, etc). The exception is of course if you’re playing cooperatively with someone else. Further restrictions are up to the community owner.

* To protect your build space, use the Residence protection to define a residence, which will allow you 100% control over what goes on inside that space.